Meetings and Workshops

Today was a great day and a great change from last weekend. This is the first day I’ve been out all day since the conference in March. My shoulder still hurts but not near as bad as last week. I did have to take an extra pain pill to get through the day, but that’s ok.

So I went to the GLVWG (Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group) meetings and workshops today. 9:00 am til 10:00 am was the Board meeting. (I am a member representative and a board member.) I was asked after the meeting to be the Secretary for the next term. I didn’t answer right away because with this chronic pain condition I don’t like to commit to things if I can’t fulfill my commitment. So I will give an answer by tomorrow. It doesn’t sound too hard, but when my mind is foggy it may be hard to keep up. Maybe I could record the meetings on my phone and then double-check my notes. Not sure? I have to think about all that.

Then from 10:00 am til 11:00 am was the general membership meeting. Then from 11:00 am til noon was free legal advice from, Katina V. Barsik, ESQ., L.L.M., an intellectual property attorney about self-publishing and traditional publishing contracts. VERY INTERESTING! Looks like self-publishing is much more advantageous, especially for new authors. Thankfully we have a gentleman in our group, Bart Palamaro, who is really knowledgable about getting e-books out there. So… if I ever finish a book I know who to ask for help.

Noon til 1:30 was lunch. I spent almost an hour in my car eating my sandwich, chips, and grapes that I brought from home. I was listening to my favorite country music and thinking about my life while I ate. It was a beautiful sunny day and that helped my mood even though I’m feeling really desperate and out of sorts these days.

1:30 til 3:30 was a memoir writing workshop given by Jerry Waxler. I’ve taken his workshops a couple of times and they’re always great. I had such an epiphany during today’s workshop. I think I might actually have nailed down the period of time and subject matter I want to include in my memoir. I felt great walking out of there.

He had a book there for $5.00 that I really wanted, but there wasn’t any money in my wallet. Oh well. I’m glad I was able to participate in the workshop for free because I’m a member of GLVWG. (It’s $15.00 for non-members)

So all in all today was a great day. After crying myself to sleep last night I really needed that.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. A great day with a bunch of great writers.

2. My shoulder isn’t as bad as it was.

3. The epiphany I got during the memoir workshop.


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