Physical Therapy

This morning I debated from the time I got out of bed until the time I walked out the door about cancelling the appointment I had at 10:00 am with a physical therapist for my shoulder. The chiropractor has helped tremendously. It really was short notice to cancel the appointment with the physical therapist and maybe he could help me with my energy. And my shoulder is still sore from hurting so bad for so long.

I’ve done physical therapy many times in the past, but not in the last eleven years or so. I still do my stretching routine every single morning and I know it’s the only reason I move at all some days, but I would like it to be better. I’m always open to learning new stretches and exercises to help my pain and flexibility.

My strange health issues always complicate things. All the doctors and therapists agree that walking is great for fibromyalgia. I do like to walk, but outside is a challenge because of my horrendous allergies year round. Cold is better for me. Treadmills make me dizzy. I don’t like anything moving under my feet. I love mall walking but the gas to get there and then how do you stop the temptation to shop for things you can’t afford.

So anyway, I did go for the consultation with Mr. Young today and I think I will do some physical therapy. He showed me a couple of stretches I can incorporate right now before I can actually get into the program. (That could take a week to a week and a half) I definitely have a pinched nerve in my neck and my left shoulder is very painful and in spasms. So we’ll work to stretch and strengthen and straighten my posture.

I haven’t even noticed my posture curving over, but it makes sense with all the pain I’m in. I tend to curve and tuck myself almost like a self protective move.

Tomorrow I will call to set up the appointment.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The appointment today went better than I expected.

2. I’m looking forward to learning some new stretches to strengthen my body.

3. I wrote down the food I ate today and the point values. (I’ve not been watching and I’ve gained weight again. AGGGHHH!!)


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