Chiropractor Appointment


My Goal is to Positively Impact Every Patient I Treat.”

-Dr. Corey W. Kirshner

This is my chiropractor. I went to see him for the second time for my shoulder yesterday. He told me it’s a pinched nerve and physical therapy won’t do much. But, the physical therapist called and scheduled me for 10:00 am tomorrow before I got this information. So I guess I’ll keep the appointment and see if maybe the therapist can help me with my energy issue. (Lack of …)

I’m still in pain but it is better than it has been in months. Dr. Kirshner is awesome. I know I should have been going once a month but when January hit and I had a deductible to meet I couldn’t afford to do it. So here I am in pain and will probably spend the same amount of money just trying to get back to where I was in December. Aggghhh! I hate being poor. Anyone who thinks those of us living on Social Security Disability are living the high life really need to have their head examined because I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Elizabeth Berg’s new book is out and I picked it up from the library last night. As always it’s great!

2. I saw my friend last night for a half hour.

3. I took a wonderful nap yesterday afternoon for three hours.



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3 responses to “Chiropractor Appointment

  1. prayingforoneday

    In my world, every GOOD moment or Day is a treasure.
    I am glad you had one..
    Shaun x

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