Shoulder Pain

Dr. Ehrig called with the x-ray results Friday morning. Inflamed ligaments around the collar-bone. So physical therapy is in order. Now I’m waiting for the call to schedule.

I’ve spent the last two days close to the couch with ice on my shoulder and taking more pain medicine than normal. I can’t take anti-inflammatory drugs so I think this may be a long process. (I hope not too long)

Sleep is in short bursts. An hour or two at a time, which is really nothing new for me, but my body is so tired from being in so much pain. I can’t roll on either side or the pain is beyond excruciating. And let’s not forget the nausea from the pain. Oh the joys.

I’m tired. Very tired.

I don’t think I’m going to church today. It’s going to be enough of a challenge to just take care of me and Morriss today. A shower zaps every ounce of energy I have and then there are the dishes and the litter box and wash.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I don’t have to try to work through all this pain. I’d never make it through an hour.

2. I have left overs for dinner so I don’t have to cook tonight.

3. I’d rather have this than a migraine, low back pain, or knee problems.


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