Friday Morning Ramblings

I hit 200 likes on my blog today! Wow is all I can say. I get so much out of doing this everyday. Thank you everyone who likes what I’m doing. This is my journey to a better me.

Yesterday after my x-ray as the doors to the elevator were closing I saw a volunteer walk by with a clear trash bag filled with hand-sewn teddy bears. I knew what they were because I’ve been blessed with two of them from previous surgeries. Instead of a pillow they give you the teddy bear to hold against your incision when you need to cough or move.

Memories of my first teddy bear came to mind. I carried that teddy bear with me everywhere to remind myself that I never ever wanted to smoke again because of the pain I was in after the aneurysm surgery. When I had to cough, which was often, I held that teddy bear for dear life. I’ve never picked up a cigarette since.

The news this morning is disturbing on so many levels. There’s a town in Boston on total lockdown and it looks like a war-zone as they search for the nut responsible for the marathon bombing. The other guy was shot last night. All this craziness caused by two sick individuals. What if we would all do something to make a difference for good? If two sick individuals can cause so much mayhem why can’t we bring about peace?

I think too many people are indifferent to the suffering of others. Too busy with their own agenda and lives. Only stopping when tragedy strikes. I know I’m not speaking of everyone, there are a lot of people doing good on a daily basis, but we need more. More kindness. More smiles. More conversation.

Most people seem to be more interested in their smart phones than the people right around them. Don’t get me wrong, I love my smart phone, but I enjoy talking to people. Talking to people I don’t know and connecting with friends and family. When I’m out with a friend or my family I’m not glued to my phone like I see so many do today. We have a generation of young people who don’t know how to communicate unless they have an electronic device in their hands. This needs to change.

As I was falling asleep last night I heard siren after siren on the road I live off of. (Bad road for accidents, people go way too fast.) I checked Facebook and Newsworking reported a bad accident with someone trapped. They had called for the trauma helicopter, but there was too much fog so they had to transport the victim by ambulance. The sirens seemed to go on for over an hour. I wonder if there was a cell phone involved? So many people are driving around holding the phone to their ear or trying to text while their driving. It’s craziness.

To end my ramblings, they’re calling for thunderstorms this afternoon, some severe. Morriss and me will be unglued once again. Lord please let them pass us by.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. 200 likes on my blog.

2. I’m one day closer to physical therapy for this excruciating shoulder pain.

3. God is still in control even though everything looks crazy.


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