Unexpected Day

This will most likely be a short post today because I am in PAIN and wanting to lay on the couch with my ice pack.

I’m posting so late because I had an appointment with Dr. Ehrig this morning at 9:30 and we decided physical therapy for my shoulder is the next step, but first I had to go to the hospital to have an x-ray done to see what we’re dealing with.

Thankfully it didn’t take long at the doctor’s office or the hospital. I’m in so much pain. My arm felt like it was on fire while they were doing some of the x-rays.

Then I had to get to Wegmans for a couple of grocery things.

I came home and had lunch took a pain pill and laid down on the couch with the ice pack and watched one of my favorite movies, “Nights in Rodanthe”. The pain was too bad and I couldn’t nap.

Thankfully dinner was leftovers once again so I didn’t have to do much.

While I was up doing the dinner dishes and after another pain pill I realized I needed to clean the fruit that I bought. I figured while I was up I’d better do it or I wouldn’t be able to later. I was right.

As nighttime comes all my pain increases to uncomfortable levels and this shoulder is beyond excruciating. So after this post I will be putting ice on my shoulder and laying on the couch to try to relax my body so hopefully I’ll be able to sleep a couple of hours tonight.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. A great doctor.

2. Even though I was in pain and nauseous from the pain I managed to get to the grocery store for a few items.

3. My doctor took a few minutes to read my article in the writer’s group newsletter.


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  1. Belnda Sell

    Linda, I feel your pain. Fibro is a very hard thing to control, physically and mentally and this kind of weather is just awful. Gods healing hands on you today.

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