The Day After

I surrendered and went to the chiropractor yesterday. I was in so much pain driving there I felt like pulling over and throwing up. But…I made it. I was way out of whack because I haven’t been there since December.

I used to go faithfully once a month, but when January rolls around and I have to meet my medicare deductible I just can’t squeeze another $33.00 out of my budget. Once my deductible is met I only have to pay $8.00, still a strain, but I can do without something.

The adjustment was excruciating and I knew it would be, but I know it will eventually feel better. I have to go back next Monday again. In the meantime, ice 15 minutes on 15 minutes off. He said my shoulder is really inflamed and told me to put used tea bags on it to take the inflammation down. Great idea, but how. I can’t reach it and Morriss just won’t help. (Said his paws aren’t made for that, sounds like an excuse to me)

I came home to put ice on my shoulder before I had to leave again for a foot doctor appointment. My feet are a disaster. So another drive I didn’t enjoy at all. I would have set them up together but both doctors are in opposite directions. Of course…

Back home I got my couch ready to lay down and my ice pack and turned on the tv to watch Ellen and what did I see but the Boston Marathon Bombing. Why are people so mean? My pain is very small in comparison. Every station had the coverage ongoing and it was unnerving. I watched for a little while said a prayer and changed the channel to watch “The Partridge Family” because I just needed something to take my mind off of all pain of all kinds.

Add to all that I hadn’t heard from the person I love since Thursday of last week and I was turning into a basket case. And the pit opens up again. I’m afraid to take the anti-depressant because that is why my shoulder is like this right now. So… try to sleep.

Two muscles relaxers and a pain pill and sleep still evaded me most of the night. So now I’m in pain and feel drugged and the news is still all over the Boston Bombings.

Sorry for the negative tone, it’s just where I’m at right now.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Doctors that can help me to some degree.

2. Finally heard from the person I love.

3. I know I’ll get through this I just need to hold on for one more day. (sounds like a song to me.)



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2 responses to “The Day After

  1. Sending you some reserve strength today.

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