Awards, Excuses, & Ramblings

I have three blogging awards I need to publicly acknowledge and publish in the coming days. Thanks again Dave and Shaun, you guys are the best!

It’s just been crazy here. Not busy so much. Just my strange everyday life that gets in the way of me actually living.

The pain I was in after the Writer’s Conference and then the weird infection that I had and the awful antibiotics I had to take and just feeling horrible.

Then add to that my mom’s cell phone was acting weird. She could make calls on her prepaid Tracfone, but incoming calls didn’t register at all. Rather than try to call customer service and deal with someone who doesn’t have a clue, we opted to have her spend the $20 and buy a new phone. I had to bring it home and activate it. Works great now. I think her old one just became obsolete with all the 3G and 4G updates going on. Now I need to program in her contacts and set up her voicemail (that she refuses to learn how to check anyway) before I meet up with her and my sister today to give it back to her.

My sister’s phone is doing the same thing. Another Tracfone. She can call out, but nothing comes in. She doesn’t want to get a new phone, but she’s going to have to. So I’ll have to bring that home and set it up.

I loved my prepaid phones when I had them. The only downside is when you have a problem. Tracfone and Straightalk have people in other countries dealing with their customer service and communication is somewhat difficult.

Verizon’s customer service for my Broadband internet and my contract cell phone are great. When I told them I wasn’t even getting 3G on my 4G phone at my home they sent someone out and put up a tower. Now I get 4G! Now that’s customer service.

But my mom and sister still have a home phone so they don’t really use their cell phones for much so the prepaid is fine for them. I got rid of my home phone over three years ago and just got a contract cell phone with Verizon last year. And I love it!

Ok this has turned into an advertisement. LOL! Rambling on and on.

Obviously I can write about any mundane subject.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The antibiotics are GONE!!!!!!

2. The thunderstorms weren’t too bad here. (Although I missed my writer’s group meeting because poor Morriss was unglued and I couldn’t leave him alone)

3. It will be cooler today. That 80+ degree weather kills me.


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