Under my house as the weather warms up the ants are sitting around a tiny campfire eating smores and planning their attack on my infamous baking cabinet.

But….. I called the exterminator and he was here yesterday afternoon before they were even able to begin their attack. Ha Ha!

I feel like I’m at war as soon as spring starts to break. It’s me against the tiny armies of ants that want to invade my home. The neighbors around me are loaded with them too, but they won’t pay an exterminator. My exterminator is not expensive, he only charged me $35.00 yesterday and he doesn’t charge me during the winter months or require a contract. He’s great. If my neighbors would just jump on board we could eradicate these creepy little creatures for good, but since they won’t, I’m fighting a losing battle.

So I have to stay ahead of them and keep the exterminator coming once a month from now until fall. Yet another expense I can’t afford. I used part of my electric bill money to pay him yesterday. But I don’t want to be throwing food away because they got into it. I had that happen one year. I lost my whole baking cabinet and all the cereal I had gotten on sale with coupons. So all in all the $35.00 a month is well worth it.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. A great exterminator.

2. Took my last antibiotic this morning !!!!!! YAY!!!

3. Morriss has plenty of litter for at least the next two months. Thank you Debbie. 🙂


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