Why is my life so ridiculous? I seem to go from one crisis to the next. Maybe everyone does, but being alone I feel like a rag doll being beaten repeatedly against a rock.

I’ll apologize now if this post sounds hopeless. I’m sure things will look up in a day or two before the next round hits.

Another doctor appointment this afternoon. Really?!@@@?!!! I’m so very tired. The phone calls from the doctors offices yesterday with the test results were not what I had in mind. Although not life threatening, definitely life upsetting.

The antibiotics are making me feel queasy and dizzy. I have to drive to the doctor’s office a half hour one way later. Please God let me feel ok to do that.

I’m feeling sad, pathetic, overwhelmed, and so very alone this morning. Maybe a shower and a nap will help since I didn’t sleep well once again.

Today I’m grateful for: (really searching for this today)

1. I have a home and a shower.

2. The medication was free with my drug plan

3. I like my doctors.



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2 responses to “Ridiculous

  1. Sue In Real Life

    I like how you express gratitude every day after each post. I have not yet learned how to do that.

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