Well, I never got any words written towards my CampNanoWrimo goal, but that’s ok I can catch up today. I did manage to get to Valley Farm and Wegmans. I was really tired and by the time I got home in a lot of pain, but I got the fruit, salad, and meat I needed.

It looks like my life may be changing, at least I’m hoping. I’ve been waiting a long time for some changes. I’m not going to write about it yet until I’m sure. I will say I’m smiling this morning and even though I’m tired and in tremendous pain I feel happy.

Today is a doctor appointment and then I need to come home, rest, clean the fruit I bought yesterday, freeze the meat, and hopefully write. I’ll see how much energy I have and how well I nap later.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I felt useful yesterday.

2. I had enough money to get some things at the grocery store.

3. I’m smiling this morning.


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One response to “Smiling

  1. Debbie Bitzer

    Is your smile coming from the new med. for depression? Or dare I suggest you have someone new in your life?

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