Happy Easter

He is risen!

I know this should be a day of joy and excitement as a christian, but I’m in pain and tired and my hopes have been all but smoked once again. Add to that I’m up since 5:00 am because I’m in the soundroom for two services today.

I know my pain and tiredness are making me cranky and I’m hoping between the coffee, shower, stretches, and nice clothes I’ll feel better before I walk out the door. If not I’ll paste a smile on and fake it.

I’m hoping I feel well enough to go to Easter dinner at my friend, Gail’s home later.

I really needed to go to the grocery store yesterday, but I was just too tired and in too much pain. I actually pulled into the parking lot on my way home from the Outback with my mom and sister, but I just couldn’t imagine getting out of the car and walking to and through the store. Plus the fact that I only had $20 I was too tired to figure out what I needed more.

Needless to say my lack of money is causing me to put weight back on again. Fruits and Veggies are so very expensive and they’re necessary for weight loss.

Ok too much negativity. Focus on good stuff. I have an awesome church to go to this morning and they respect and trust me enough to have me in the sound room for one of the most important services of the year. I have a decent car to drive. I have a home to live in. I have hot water for a shower. I have soap and shampoo. I have a washer and dryer. I have an adorable cat, Morriss. I have food to eat. I have coffee. I have Jesus, who loves me, even when I don’t.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. A nice meal with my mom and sister yesterday at the Outback.

2. Yesterday was a beautiful day to drive.

3. I finally started the book “The Glass Castle”. An ex-inmate actually gave me this book years ago and the lady teaching the memoir workshop at the writers conference mentioned it.


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One response to “Happy Easter

  1. Helen

    The Glass Castle is a terrific book—-a real eye opener! I admire your determination, sending prayers your way…

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