I Made It !

I made it through the last three days and even managed to keep up with my committment to blog every day. I consider that a huge personal victory.

By the time lunch came yesterday I was so very glad that I had packed a sandwich, chips, and grapes so I could escape the noise and crowds and eat in my quiet, cool car. Lunch was provided by the conference but it was buffet style and with my strange allergies I didn’t want to risk an allergic reaction on top of how I was already feeling. Best to stick with what I know.

I was feeling so awful as I sat in my quiet car eating lunch. Head pounding from a migraine that was making me want to seek out my couch and an ice pack. My entire body felt like little animals had invaded and were chewing on my bones devouring me from the inside out. Fatigue so bad I could barely keep my eyes open. My body felt like I had been run up and down the highway on the back of a tractor-trailer holding on to the bumper for dear life as he drove eighty miles per hour down the road.

I sat in my car debating about whether or not to just leave and go home early. But….then the disease would win once again. But…. how in the world could I keep going? I prayed during most of my lunch. Please God help me, Please God help me. Then the young man with migraines came to mind. I hadn’t seen him and I prayed that he was feeling well.

I remembered that I had put my empty travel mug that I used for tea in my bag before I walked out the door. And I had a tin with tea bags in my purse. Apple Cinnamon tea, but it would have to do. So by faith I drug my battle beaten body back into the conference and found a seat with three men and went to fill my mug with hot water for tea. It helped a little.

I made it till the end of the conference. There was one workshop I really wanted to go to, but the walk was too far so I opted for my second choice and the least amount of steps to get there. I did manage to take some notes but I don’t remember much right now. I will look at those in the next couple of days.

I wanted to talk to a few people before I left, but the disease won the final battle. I did get to talk to the young man with migraines and my prayers worked. He smiled and told me he felt good and hadn’t had a migraine in a couple of days. I joked with him and said, “God is letting me feel how you feel so I know better how to pray for you.”

I did manage to get a couple of business cards that I wanted from a couple of people. I will email them in the coming days and apologize that I couldn’t talk to them more that day.

The drive home was torture. I had music on very low for distraction and prayed all the way home. I tried to call my friend, but of course he didn’t answer. Last year I had my friend Derrick to talk me through my drive home, but this year no one. Such is life. Ups and downs. Good days and bad days. Lonely days and too many people days. Painful days and rare days when I feel almost ok. I’m anxiously awaiting a day when I feel good. In the meantime, I am glad I didn’t let this disease beat me completely and made it through the conference.

I was in bed by 7:30 pm with Morriss and had a very restless night. I cat napped all night, but just being in the dark with an ice pack on my head in my bed felt good. No church today. I need to rest.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Making it through the last three days and most of all making it home safely.

2. That I packed my lunch yesterday and didn’t have to sit in the noisy dining room. (I probably would have just left if I didn’t have my lunch in my car.)

3. Even though I didn’t feel great yesterday I made it through the day and learned some new things and met some great people.


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