Doctor Appointment Day

Another month has passed and it’s that time again. Doctor appointment time. Thankfully I like all my doctors so I never really dread going unless, of course, there’s something really bad going on. I’ve been living with the fibromyalgia for fourteen years now so there’s really no surprises or worries on that front. Pain, disappointment, and discouragement from time to time yes, but no worries. It won’t kill me, there will just be days that I wish it would.

I sat next to a young man I’ve met at other GLVWG events who suffers from terrible migraines. I woke up many times last night thinking about him. I told him I would pray that he doesn’t have to deal with any migraines during these three days of the conference. So each time I woke up and thought about him I prayed for him. And since I’m thinking about him now I’ll pray again.

Lord I pray that you bless that young man today and help him to feel fantastic. Keep all hints of migraines away from him. His smile and personality are so infectious and warm. He’s an absolute delight to be around. Take away those migraines from his life. He has such a refreshing attitude and insight into life and I pray that you bless him in all he does today and the days that follow. Thank you Father for answering and keeping those migraines away from him. Amen.

So this morning my doctor appointment, then back home to rest until tonight. Tonight I will be at the hotel for the writer’s conference and I will be reading people’s work for the “Page Cuts” workshop. The participants bring a one hundred word synopsis of their work and the first page. I will read it out loud and the panel of agents, editors, and speakers will critique the work. (all anonymous) I participated last year even though my piece was nowhere near ready, but it was a blast nonetheless. So that will be fun.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The opportunity to serve as a volunteer and to learn new things.

2. Meeting new people and learning from them.

3. The power of prayer.


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