Wonderful Day

I’m really tired right now and I’m in pain but I’m smiling. I had a wonderful day. I attended the “Character Intensive” workshop taught by Juilene Osborne-McKnight. This was a gift from a fellow GLVWG (Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group) member. She had to work and couldn’t be here and I simply couldn’t afford the extra cost for this workshop. Thank you Joan! I absolutely loved every single second of it.

One thing I learned that was earth shattering to me was that every character I write will in essence be a part of me. I think that’s what has been holding me up with my two nanowrimo novels that I’ve written. It sounds simple, but I just thought I needed to create characters totally opposite of me. That explains all the trouble I’ve been having with fiction writing.

I also asked the question about my current writing that I’m doing on this blog and if there was a market for this type of thing. And yes, there’s a big market. Hmmm….. I wonder where this journey will lead.

I learned a lot of other things today too, but I’m too tired to type it all here right now. I just wanted to check in and let you all know I had a wonderful day and learned lots and lots. I also was surrounded by great people all day. Lots of smiles and great conversations. Just what I’ve been so desperately needing.

There was one sad point in the day when my phone rang and my aunt Lorraine was calling to inform me that my aunt Mary passed away today. Sadly I never really knew her very well. There were never cards or phone calls exchanged. She never knew who I became or who I was. I didn’t even know where she lived nor did she know where I lived. I did send one Christmas card a few years ago, but never was it acknowledged or returned so I never sent another. So I’m sorry she’s gone, but sadly I never really knew her.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The gift I was given and the wonderful day I had and all I learned.

2. All the people I met.

3. Tomorrow after my doctor appointment I can relax before I need to be at the conference for my volunteer job of reading.


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