The Power of Procrastination

There’s absolutely nothing like the power of procrastination. I’ve lived my life with this disorder. All through school and college I’ve always worked best under pressure and today is no different.

I had promised an article about my blog for the Greater Lehigh Valley Writer’s Group (GLVWG) Newsletter by the end of the conference (which is Saturday, March 23rd). YIKES!!!! This morning I realized I needed to write that TODAY or it probably wouldn’t get done. I know my body will be rebelling and fighting me the next couple days which will also affect my brain and cause me to be very foggy so there’s no way I’d get to it in time.

So this morning marathon writing. (Must be why I enjoy so much – writing 50,000 words in a month) I wrote an article about my blogging experience and my bio as a member rep and board member of GLVWG for the newsletter. Whew! Pulled that out of the fire.

And now my blog. Lots of writing today. But no, I don’t feel stressed, I feel alive. I know I will crash later because I slept very little last night, but all I have left is my morning routine and a quick trip to the grocery store and some laundry (which I truly love doing). I tried to get to the grocery store yesterday, but the couch grabbed me and sucked me in for the afternoon.

Last night I did manage to tie up some loose ends that I needed to get done for the conference. I printed more business cards, and directions for the two small jobs I volunteered for. I printed a room chart and schedule. I also printed out a poem for the Flash contest. (100 words or less)

So I am ready for the conference. Physically I hope my body is ready and will cooperate but I’ll do the best I can. If I can’t stay for the whole day tomorrow or Saturday I will not get upset, I will accept where I’m at and deal with my life as best I can. I’m just glad to have the opportunity to go at all. I made sure my volunteer positions are early on so if I can’t stay I won’t be leaving anyone hanging.

I’m hoping to blog everyday during the conference, but if I don’t you’ll know why. I’ll be down for the count trying to recuperate and rest up for the next round.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I finally got the articles written and submitted for the newsletter so they’re not hanging over my head anymore.

2. The writer’s conference.

3. I put on my peel and stick nails yesterday so one less thing to do today.


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One response to “The Power of Procrastination

  1. Debbie Bitzer

    So glad you are going to the writers conference. Try not to spend to much energy thinking about how your feeling. That’s what I have to do. Take your rest when you can and promise yourself to move again at a set time. You have to fight these health issues or they will consume you. You know I know what I’m talking about. We share some of the same health issues. Go and enjoy your trip. When it’s all over then you can crash in bed but knowing you won the battle not your disease. Love you girl, and praying all goes well.

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