Yesterday was a quiet day in my world. I went to church and then came home and after posting to my blog I fell asleep on the couch watching old episodes of “Chico and the Man” on DVD. I was 8 years old and totally in love with Freddie Prinze when he committed suicide. I still have the newspaper articles in my children’s Bible. I was heartbroken and angry at God for not letting him live.

Watching that show yesterday I had to wonder why such a handsome young man would want to take his own life. His smile radiated behind his eyes and he appeared to be happy. But then I realized most people who know me would describe me as happy (most of the time). I don’t carry my misery into the world if I can help it, I leave it at home. I wonder if that’s what he did too?

That was my first experience with suicide but unfortunately not my last. When I was almost a teenager I had crushes on many of my brother’s friends, but one in particular was Howard Lattig (not sure of the spelling of the last name). He hung himself in his father’s basement. I know we didn’t go to the services or anything, but I’ve never forgotten that young man either. Such a nice looking man and he was always nice to me and always smiling.

Maybe those of us that seem the happiest are really trying the hardest to hide our pain. Maybe today we all need to take a break from our own lives and reach out and touch someone else’s and let them know what we like about them and that we’re glad they’re here on earth sharing this journey with us.

I don’t know if that would have made a difference for those two young men who ended their lives way to early, but I’d like to think that a kind word or deed can change things. I know the kind deeds done for me for my birthday made me feel better and smile.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Insights that God pours into my mind.

2. Compassion and caring.

3. Lots of sleep yesterday afternoon and last night.



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2 responses to “Suicide

  1. OMG… Chico and the Man! You just brought back some childhood memories by mentioning that show. Too bad it had such a sad ending. Thanks again for the wonderful childhood reminder. I hope all is well with you : )

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