Just Get Up Already

I woke up at 3:00 am feeling like there were little animals gnawing away at the bones in my legs. It hurt so bad I wanted to cry, but I’m too fatigued and tired from the pain to find a tear.

There’s a knot the size of a small dinner plate in my left shoulder that shoots pins and needles down my arm and hand. That’s been there about three months now and getting bigger each day it seems. Thankfully it’s not my right shoulder because I’m right-handed and when the electric shock of pins and needles shoots down my arm and hand they become useless. I’ve had this in my right shoulder before and I broke lots of plates, cups, and mugs and spilled lots of milk, water, and coffee.

I laid in bed for an hour this morning trying to go back to sleep, but the pain was so bad I had to get up and have breakfast and take my pain pill. I was so tired I almost felt drugged, but I had to get up. It’s such a vicious cycle. I’m tired and want to sleep, but I can’t sleep because I’m in pain, but I’m tired and want to sleep, but I can’t sleep because I’m in pain.

Please don’t think those are the only areas of my body that are in pain. They’re just the ones crying for the most attention this morning. I also woke up with a pounding headache, but in comparison to my legs it has just become a minor irritation. The nausea from the pain and fatigue I really don’t like at all and could definitely do without.

To better understand the pain level I need to take you back to when I tripped up the steps at church on a Sunday morning and broke my foot. I was in a horrible fibro fog and should have stayed home, but I pushed myself.

After tripping up the steps (yes I said UP the steps) I sat through the hour of Sunday school while my foot swelled away and my shoe got tighter and tighter. I came home and put on my slippers and did laundry, made dinner, did dishes, fed the cat, made the bed, and it wasn’t until my friend came over and saw how swollen and black and blue it was that I thought maybe I had a problem. He forced me to go to the ER.

I walked into the ER in my pink slippers (the only thing I could get on my swollen left foot). With the x-ray done the doctor came in and told me he couldn’t believe I actually walked into the ER. He showed me the x-ray. I had broken the bone, from my little toe back to my ankle, in half and both pieces were going in opposite directions. He said I should be puking from the pain. I explained that I have fibromyalgia and I honestly thought I had just sprained my foot because other than the swelling and black and blue it really didn’t hurt all that bad. The rest of my body hurt worse on a regular day.

Well I made a believer of that doctor that fibromyalgia is real and painful.

On a good note my foot healed well. I had a lovely big black boot for about 8 weeks, but I never needed the pin he thought I would need. My bones came back together on their own. I prayed Psalm 34:20 over my foot, “Not a bone of the righteous shall be broken.” I amazed that doctor twice and hopefully changed his thinking in two areas.
1 Fibromyalgia is very real and very painful and 2 prayer works.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I had a nice lunch yesterday with my friend.

2. I had a $10 off $10 coupon from JCP for my birthday and got a pair of jeans and shirt for only $25.00.

3. I don’t have anywhere I need to be today so I can go back to bed in a little bit – I hope.

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