Strategic Planning

My entire life must be strategically planned around my pain these days. Well honestly it’s not a recent thing, but I’ve just come to accept the reality within the past couple of years. This has been going on for fourteen long years as of March 25. I’m just glad that mere days before my world crumbled I was able to spend a week in New York City taking in Broadway plays with my best friend. The best friend and the days in New York City are long since gone now, the pain has replaced both.

So on Saturday the car never got washed and waxed like I wanted, but I did manage to get the books, expired coupons, tins, and trash (receipts and papers) out of my car before passing out on the couch.

Sunday after losing our daylight savings time hour God woke me up in time to make it to the 10:30 service at my church. (I told him Saturday night that I wasn’t setting my alarm and if He wanted me there, He’d need to wake me up.)

After church I skipped my nap and met my mom and sister for a late lunch so I could leave there and make it to Valley Farm Market before they closed at 5:00 pm. (and yes I bought myself another purple rose) I can’t afford to drive down that way often so when I’m there I realize I need to do either Valley Farm or Wegmans because I can’t do both stores in one day. So strategic pain planning.

It worked out well yesterday. I made it to Valley Farm and had a half hour to shop before they closed (plenty of time). The problem is I missed my nap yesterday. So last night I was up in pain.

Now I know most doctors and physical therapists will tell you not to nap during the day if you want a good night’s sleep and normally I would agree with them. That’s before the monster, FIBROMYALGIA, came to live with me. If I don’t lay down in the afternoon and get my body to relax, then by the time I go to bed at night it’s frozen in pain and it’s impossible to make it relax enough to sleep.

Fortunately today I have left overs for dinner and I don’t have anything I need to go out for. I know I’m in no condition to drive being up all night in pain.

All I really have to do today is take care of me and Morriss and clean the fruit I bought yesterday. So me and Morriss can spend a leisurely afternoon on the couch watching DVD’s.

Back to the drawing board. I need to figure out how to keep everything going in the house and keep up with the maintenance of my car and keep this painful body happy. Challenges, Challenges. Who ever said life would be easy.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I have fruit to munch on.

2. I don’t have to be anywhere today.

3. I have left overs for dinner.



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2 responses to “Strategic Planning

  1. Well said. I think planning and preparing for each day is an absolute must in our lives. For so long I hung on to being in pain and allowed it to control my actions and emotions. I have learned to listen more closely to the messages being sent out by my body and understand a bit better what it’s trying to say. My parents come into to town today, so the last couple of days have been filled with picking up the apartment and getting it parent-proofed. I finally decided, it’s as good as it is going to get, and that’s ok.

    And as far as losing friends, I understand completely. It sad when a devastating illness strikes us and then we also have to lose the support we ‘thought’ we once had. I too have lost friends…as has my wife, over my illness. At first I was pissed and hurt, but son allowed myself to look at those I do have and have become even more thankful for them. Remember, it’s not the quantity of friends, but the quality. One person can carry the load for all those lost. Even if it is a family member. Those precious people are the ones that help us through our daily struggles.

    As long as you are writing and sharing you will not be alone because you will have all of us by your side to help you fight on.

    • Thank you so much. I am so thankful that God made our paths cross here in blog land. I look forward to reading about your journey and learning each day a little more about how to live better each day.

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