I woke up this morning to the sound of fire truck sirens and Morriss (the cat) making noises I’ve never heard him make before. As I laid in bed hoping I could go back to sleep (yes for once in my life I wanted to stay in bed and actually felt like sleeping) I had to get up and get dressed because it was way too close for comfort. I needed to go out and evaluate the situation so I knew whether or not I had to get me and Morriss out of harms way.

The fire was two houses up and the fire people did an amazing job of getting it under control quickly. I think there were six trucks here and at least thirty fire men. Thankfully there was no one in the home so no one was physically hurt.

I’ve never seen the people who live in that home. I know someone comes from time to time to shovel snow for them and such. Sadly I really don’t know most of my neighbors. Being a single woman it’s difficult to know how far to step over boundaries. Most everyone around me is married and so I don’t make a habit of talking to their husbands unless they initiate the conversation. It’s difficult being a single woman. I don’t want the women thinking I’m trying to take their man so I just stay in my home most of the time. It can be a sad and lonely existence.

The only time it seems ok to talk to my neighbors is when there’s a tragedy such as today’s fire. But even then the women weren’t talking to me. I talked to a couple of the men and their women just gave me the cold shoulder so I took the hint and came inside.

One thing that’s become really clear these past couple weeks is enjoy what you have right now because it could all be gone in a second.

Today I’m thankful for:

1. No one being hurt in the fire.

2. I was in church last night so I didn’t have to be anywhere this morning.

3. The nap I’m going to try to take this afternoon.


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