I woke up this morning hearing birds singing. I was enjoying that until I realized that means it’s time to call the exterminator to get the ants before they get me.

I tried for three years to fight them on my own, but I admitted defeat and called in the big guns, the exterminator.

He’s never seen anything like it in all his career. (That statement sums up my whole life – I’ve never seen anything like that before) For the entire spring and summer and into October I have to have him here once a month and sometimes I need to spray in between because the tiny little brown ants just love my home.

I make jokes that they have little camp fires under my home eating smores and talking about the baking cabinet they invaded and how they’re going to try once again to gain victory.

I’m convinced there’s a nest around here somewhere but it’s not under my home. Since my neighbors won’t do anything about it and just live with the ants the problem will never be solved and I’ll need an exterminator forever.

So now another expense that I can’t afford. Something has got to give soon.

Today I’m thankful for:

1. The money I saved on zyrtec and mucinex at BJ’s Wholesale Club yesterday.

2. I have food to eat.

3. My fellow bloggers and their inspirational lives.


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  1. Debbie Bitzer

    Linda I share your ant problem. I think they have nest underneath my siding. My landlord is not responsible for pest control according to Housing. It never ends!!! They march on.

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