I almost panicked as I logged on to this site today.  They’ve done some updating and changing overnight and it took me a couple minutes to figure out how to write a new post.   I still haven’t figured out how I would access a draft that I want to edit, but I’ll work on that later.  For now I figured out how to write this post so we’re in business.

I took my new anti-depressant yesterday and so far so good.  No hives.  I did have a little anxiety attack last night, but I realize that can happen with these meds so I just calmed myself down with some deep breathing and it was fine. 

I was awake at 3:55 am this morning and finally gave up on sleep at 5:00 am and got up.  Now I feel like my eyes are crossing.   I need to meet my girlfriend’s husband at BJ’s Wholesale Club a little later so I won’t be able to go back to bed.  I guess my blissful nights of sleep are over already. 

I saw a spot on the local news last night about lack of sleep and all the bad things it can cause.  (Like I didn’t already know that.)  I just sat there remembering all those years when I could sleep, but couldn’t because I had too much going on and my schedule was so tight.  Now my schedule is pretty much wide open and I can’t sleep.  Hardly seems fair. 

I wonder how long it will be before I can sleep again?


Today I’m thankful for:

1.  Figuring out how to make this post.

2.  The two nights of good sleep I had.

3.  The gift card I received in the mail for gas. 



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