“Sorry guys I need to go see mom in her dreams, she needs me.” Buddy called over his shoulder as he ran over the rainbow bridge into the world of dreams to find his mom.

I’m so very tired these days. Not sleeping every night is not helping me at all. I just need a really good night’s sleep. Maybe that would help the pain. Ahh sleep.

I feel myself drifting into the pain-free bliss of nothingness.

“Buddy, is that you?!?”

He ran sideways up to me and jumped into my arms like a baby and let me hold him and kiss him as I fell asleep and he purred.

I always loved looking into his eyes. Even though his eyes were all messed up I could always see such love, adoration, and acceptance in his eyes.

His eyes were so bad he’d try to jump up on things but he’d miss, so he learned to reach his paw out and feel where he was going before he jumped.

I loved that cat so much. He found me and claimed me as his owner the day we met when I moved into my home. He chose me and that felt amazing.

He obviously had a rough life. His one ear was collapsed because he’d had ear mites so bad that he scratched so hard he broke the blood vessels in it. His little lip looked like he’d been in a fire it was all swollen. His tail was bent where it must have been broken at one time. He couldn’t see because of the cataract in one eye and he was blind in the other. The pads on his paws were rough and calloused from being outside (and someone had him de-clawed!). He only had two teeth but he could eat anything. He had fleas and worms so bad he would eat and eat but never gain weight.

Until… until he found me and moved into my heart and house. I fell in love with him immediately and the feelings were mutual. I remember he came over to me while I was talking to my new neighbor Ralph and he fell at my feet, rolled over on his back, and let me pet his belly. Ralph said he’d never seen him do that with anyone before. I loved him right then.

We only had four short years together before his kidneys failed, but they were the best years. I miss him terribly. I lost him in July of 2007, and I still think about him almost every day.

I slept so good dreaming about holding my Buddy last night. I truly wonder if God let him invade my dreams to make me feel better. I’d like to think he did.

{If you’re wondering what the rainbow bridge is… it’s a poem written by an unknown author about when our pets pass away. Just google rainbow bridge and you’ll find it. Be prepared to cry.}

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Buddy, the kitty that changed my life.

2. A good night’s sleep.

3. My doctor’s appointment is this afternoon. Hopefully I’ll get some answers.


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