Flowers For Me


“I don’t want flowers when I’m dead, I want them now, while I’m still alive and able to enjoy them. So I will buy them for myself.” ME

“There’s a gentleman that comes in every day and buys his wife a flower, sometimes a bouquet.” Cashier

“That’s the kind of man I want.” ME

“Buy yourself a flower when you get off work. You’re worth it.” ME

“Thank you! I think I will.” Cashier

A small tidbit of the conversation I had with the cashier at Valley Farm Market when I was checking out with my groceries and my beautiful flowers. Amazing, the cost of roses dropped from $2.99 each last week to $1.50 each this week. The carnations were 3 for $1.00. I think I’m worth the small investment that I made under $5.00.

I can’t even believe I felt well enough to get to Valley Farm let alone shop after having my bloodwork done yesterday. I was a little light-headed when I left but I made myself a deal – if I was feeling awful by the time I got to Bethlehem then I would just go to Wegman’s and call it a day.

I couldn’t believe it, I made it to Valley Farm and did my shopping and wasn’t feeling horrible and so I made it to Wegman’s for some stuff too. (Valley Farm Market is great for fruits, veggies and meat, but Wegman’s has better prices on groceries and cat food.)

I still wasn’t feeling terrible when I got home, but I knew better than to push it. That’s the problem with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, on those rare days that you almost feel normal you overdo it and then you’re flat on your back for two weeks. I know I overdid it a little yesterday because I feel real fuzzy, foggy headed, with a higher level of pain this morning and I know I’ll be sleeping most of the afternoon away on the couch with Morriss. (He’ll be happy.)

The good news is I have beef cubes to put in the crockpot with brown gravy and so dinner will be ready when I wake up. And I have beautiful flowers to enjoy.

Things I’m thankful for today:

1. I was able to get my grocery shopping done yesterday.

2. My bloodwork is done. (That’s a huge weight off my shoulders.)

3. I felt good for a couple of hours yesterday. (God how I miss those hours. Can I please have more?)


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