Late Post

I got a little off schedule today and so I’m late posting. This is the time of day I normally head for the couch because the pain and fatigue are overwhelming me from just my morning routine. So this won’t be a long post because my body is screaming so loud and I must listen or risk getting violently ill.

Sadly my morning routine isn’t even all that much. I get up, feed the cat, have breakfast, write three pages in my notebook, (usually do my blog then), take a shower, do stretches, clean cat litter, dishes, and then lunch and pass out. Unfortunately that’s about all that ever gets done. Real cleaning has become a rarity since this disease has taken hold of my weak body. Maybe once a month I’ll get enough energy to do something more than a quick touch up. I usually try to clean the bathroom a little each day. Sink one day, toilet another, you get the idea. It’s maddening and frustrating. Especially when I used to be able to be able to go grocery shopping, clean, wash and wax the car, go to the laudromat, do homework, etc all in one weekend. Now if I want to wax the car I have to make sure the rest of my week is completely free so I can recuperate. Unbelievable how much my life has changed.

If I was older I would expect to be slowing down, but I’m only 45. This just isn’t right at all. I have to pay bills today, but I’m going to have to wait until after I lay down and have dinner later because the pain and fatigue is causing my brain to get real fuzzy and I can’t try to figure out my finances when I’m like that. I know once again it will be a careful selection who gets paid so I really need to be clear headed so I make sure I still have electricity a month from now.

Today I’m thankful for:

1. Unexpected company that made me smile.

2. A fellow bloggers post that made me smile.

3. The couch I’m going to go lay down on in a couple minutes.


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