Fleeting Ideas

Yesterday the ideas to write about were flying through my conciousness faster than I could get them down on paper. So goes the life of a writer. Some days there are so many ideas you can’t contain them all and then other days you wonder if you even have a functioning brain in your head at all.

I’ve learned to keep a notebook handy and write those ideas quickly before I lose them. I still forget though. A couple days ago while I was in the shower and then afterward while I was doing my morning stretches a couple of great ideas came to mind and I tried to keep repeating them to myself until I could write them down. Well it didn’t work. I lost them by the time I got dressed and to the living room where my notebook was.

I know I need to keep a notebook with me at all times or a stylus to write on my phone, but sometimes so much times goes by in between these floodgates opening that I forget. I personally have to write a lot of garbage before the good stuff starts flowing. It could be months before I get another one of those days where the ideas flow like a mighty river.

I just wish the ideas would flow on days when I feel good, but as I wrote that I realized how silly I am. I NEVER really feel GOOD anymore. I haven’t in fourteen years. It’s just variations of how well I can function on a given day.

Yesterday I felt unbelievably awful. I think the stomach bug going around is trying to catch me. On top of that my regular pain and nauseau I felt horrible. But I managed to drag myself to the grocery store because I still need to eat and saltines sounded incredibly yummy. These are the days when I so wish I had a loving husband here to say, “Honey I’ll get what you need at the store. Write me a list.” Yeah I know, stop dreaming and get back on the reality train.

An idea emerged yesterday that I may be blogging about in the future. For now it’s under wraps and being prayed upon.

Today I’m thankful for:

1. My notebook and favorite pen.

2. Ideas flowing fast and free.

3. I don’t feel quite as bad as yesterday.


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