Sunday Ramblings

I’m sitting at a table in the Family Life Center of Bethany Wesleyan Church this morning as I write. All writers advise that sometimes you should try writing from a different location because it stirs up creativity. So we’ll see how true that is.

This morning I’m in the sound room running the Pro Presenter (song lyrics) program for the 10:30 service in the Family Life Center. I hope I have enough brain cells to do a good job and glorify God. I had an awful, restless night. Too much pain, too little sleep. Too much fatigue, no relief.

Speaking of church. Delicate subject, I know. I’m not in church because I’m religious. I’m in church because it’s my life line in this pain filled world that I exist in. I’m not in church for the social aspect. People will let you down whether they are christians or not. Expectations of people and the church are where we all go wrong (including myself).

We expect christians to be better in their behavior than others and we expect the church to be there to pick us up when we’re down. Neither of which is the job of the local church. The job of the local church is to lead you into a relationship with Jesus Christ and then you should be looking to and leaning on Jesus, not people. I know I get this messed up sometimes myself. It’s so hard sometimes because we project these expectations on imperfect people who can never live up to what we expect of them.

As a christian I know I let many people down all the time in my behaviors and attitudes. (Especially since I’ve hit menopause! LOL) Now if each one of us christian or not would just take a little more time to think about what other people are going through and the challenges that they’re facing, maybe this world would be a little kinder and sweeter than it currently is.

I’m thinking of Jimi, my hair stylist, right now and remembering a story he told me about landing at an airport and there was an unexpected delay for hours and it was really cold. He saw a woman shivering and offered her a sweater because she was dressed for the tropical weather they were going to not the cold weather they were experiencing. She couldn’t believe someone would even care. When they were ready to depart he told her to keep the sweater in case she needed it and she was so grateful for his kindness. Shouldn’t we all try to be a little kinder and be loving examples of Christ like my friend Jimi?

So in conclusion: Church is about a relationship with Christ. The people are a bonus when we don’t have unrealistic expectations of them. We should all try a little harder to love one another right where we’re at, imperfections and all.

Today I’m thankful for:

1. Bethany Wesleyan Church. A church of real people doing real life.

2. Faith, though mine is far from perfect, I know God is able.

3. Love. Not this world’s definition, but 1 Corinthians 13 kind of love. (Look it up)



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4 responses to “Sunday Ramblings

  1. Great writing Linda, inspired me. You are right we are not perfect however we try to do what we can.

  2. Debbie Bitzer

    Great blog Linda. Keep it going.

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