This morning my goals from January 1st came to mind and I realize I’m not on top of things. I really wanted to take each month and work on one specific goal for thirty days. I did keep my blogathon goal, and I’ve extended that now and forgot about picking up another one for February. In my mind I had wanted to spend February working on my picture book about Buddy, the one cat that touched my heart in ways I can’t even explain.

I also wanted to start de-cluttering my house fifteen minutes a day, but since that dreaded biopsy I just haven’t felt well enough to do more than my necessary morning routine before I pass out on the couch from overwhelming fatigue.

As for losing the twenty pounds. I’ve lost two so far, so I’m pretty much on target there. This week I stayed the same and that is frustrating, but better than a gain. I know I’d lose more if I could exercise, but I just don’t even know how to do that when I’m feeling so awful. I’ll get my exercise today shoveling the heavy wet snow that fell last night. Thankfully it’s not near as much as they were calling for, thank you Lord! I think we got three or four inches here.

I haven’t been reading much either these days because I’m having a really hard time focusing and concentrating on anything. Part menopause, part fibro-fog, part too much pain.

I’m currently waiting for the Norton antivirus software to download from because mine expired today. Thankfully I got a fantastic price on the 2013 virus protection. Only $11.99! Unfortunately it wasn’t compatible with what was already on my computer so instead of just plugging in the key and updating I’m waiting an hour for the complete download. Aggghhhh!!! Why do they have to make everything so very difficult?

So, if I have energy left after shoveling, showering, stretches, cleaning up after Morriss, dishes, and lunch maybe I’ll start on my Buddy book. Or maybe I’ll vacuum. Or maybe I’ll scrub the bathroom. Or maybe I’ll end up flat on my back on the couch like I do every other day with overwhelming fatigue and tiredness taking over my entire body. Frustrating! I have so many things I want to accomplish and so very little energy in a day.

Today I’m thankful for:

1. We didn’t get a much snow as they were calling for.

2. Goals to work towards. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some energy to accomplish some of them. At least I am keeping up with the blog.

3. The great price I got on the Norton Antivirus software.


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2 responses to “Frustration

  1. Hiya. My apologies but I can stand the colour of the website, It is
    horrible you should change It I really like your posts.

    • I had to agree with you. I liked it when I set it up, but I was new to all this. I’ve changed it and I know I like it better. Hope you do too. Thanks for your honesty.

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