Driving in the Snow

I know people think I’m crazy because if there are flurries or the weather forecasters are just calling for snow of any kind my car stays parked. What these people who think I’m crazy don’t know is the incident that drove me to that decision.

It was 2003 the winter I moved to the boonies. I had gone out to lunch with my girlfriend. The weather forecasters were calling for snow overnight so I thought we’d be ok to go to lunch. So I drove to Allentown. We had a wonderful lunch and then came out to find a winter wonderland of snow. There was only an inch or so, but….

Driving in Allentown wasn’t bad. It’s when I got to the hills on Route 145 that I was terrified. My car isn’t real heavy and I was sliding all over the place at 5 mph. You may be thinking I don’t know how to drive in the snow, but that’s not the truth. I drove in snow for many years. These hills are just no match for the front wheel drive princess that I’m currently driving. There were cars stuck all over the place in the ditch, and against the guard rail on the way up the hill. I made it going slow and steady praying all the way and then realized I had to get DOWN the other side.

I know enough to use my transmission to slow me down and not my brakes but it didn’t matter. Even when I shifted into low gear this car slid all over the place. So at a ginger high speed of 3 mph I made it down the big icy hill with cars flying by me only to end up sliding off the road and into the ditch. I thought when I got to the bottom of that hill the worst was over, but NO it wasn’t.

Just up the road there’s a bridge over a stream and then a tiny hill before the diner. I watched as traffic stopped and one car at a time attempted to get up that little hill. Then it was my turn. It didn’t matter how much speed I got going it was impossible to get traction. I kept backing up and looking for anything that my tires could grab onto but there wasn’t anything. So after five tries I hammered the gas to the floor and spun the tires all the way up.

What should have been a twenty-minute trip took me one and a half hours. I never thought I’d make it home. And then after the stress my body retaliated with pain for weeks to come.

So NO I will not drive if there’s snow or even a threat of snow. Sorry but I physically can’t handle the stress of it anymore.

Today I’m thankful for:

1. Andrew covering for me in the sound room at church last night because we had snow.

2. How quickly this poured out of me before I was even awake and still in bed this morning. And that I had my notebook and pen beside the bed to capture my thoughts before they fleeted away.

3. I’m safe and sound at home and can watch my pastor at 11:30 on tv and not have to go out in the snow.


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