Blogathon Evaluation

Blogging every day felt natural to me. There wasn’t one day that I woke up and didn’t look forward to writing an entry. Even when I had the nightmare biopsy and complications I still wanted to write on my blog. It never felt like a “have to”, but a “want to”. Each post only took me forty-five minutes or less. (This one has taken a little longer because I needed to really think and evaluate.)

There were 693 views on my blog for the month of January 2013. My two best days were:
January 16 “Dreams” 64 views
January 25 “Medication Update” 65 views
Included in each days view totals were people who viewed the current post and past posts. There were 186 views on my past posts during the month.

For January 2013 the five most popular posts were:
January 24 “Finances”
January 23 “Disabled”
January 26 “Long Lost Brother”
January 4 “Memorable People”
January 22 “Medicated”

The five most popular topics were:
Menopause, brothers, severed relationships, medication, anxiety.

I gained nine new blog followers and since February 2012 there have been 1,194 views on my blog.

After looking at my stats it looks like people like reading about everyday life. Finances, relationships, and daily struggles. I have plenty of material to continue for a long time.

I’m not doing this for the number of views or followers. I’m doing this because I love writing and I’ve had many people over the years tell me I should write a book. For me this blog is a daily discipline that I needed to stay focused. Having people read and like it and follow it is a huge bonus.

In conclusion, January’s blogathon was a very positive experience for me. I feel good when I’m writing everyday. It felt really great when someone would click to follow my blog or click “like” on a post or take the time to comment on a post. I proved to myself that I am disciplined despite my pain and health issues. Hopefully this realization will spill over into my housekeeping.

Will I continue blogging everyday? Do you think I should?

Today I’m thankful for:

1. Mom’s car is fixed. (Possible future blog post)

2. I had enough energy to clean my fruit last night so I was able to have blueberries in my cereal this morning.

3. The words “I love you” (I hope someday I’ll not only hear them, but feel them)



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4 responses to “Blogathon Evaluation

  1. Mary Laubach

    Hi Linda, I enjoy reading your blog. I like how honest you are and how you write about simple, hearfelt things. I vote for you to keep blogging daily.

  2. Marianne

    i enjoy them also…you really have a way with writing…being able to express so well…it is a gift!

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