LG Intuition

See also June 12, 2013
Can I use LG intuition on straight talk?

I bought my LG Intuition from Verizon Wireless on Black Friday and it’s the best investment I’ve ever made. This is my very first smart phone. I had prepaid Tracfones, Straight Talk and a Verizon prepaid phone before this. I like them all but prepaid will never do all the things you need them to do when you live in the boonies (especially the navigation).

I started my relationship with Verizon with a $25 Netbook with Broadband internet built into it. I went from dial-up to this so it was a huge leap and I never regretted it. I could take the netbook out to the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania where there’s nothing but cows and get online. I know because I did many times during road trips across Pennsylvania. Sadly Verizon doesn’t sell the netbooks anymore.

This is when I started to seriously look at the LG Intuition. My contract was up on my netbook in December 2012. I still love my netbook, but I know these things become obsolete after a certain time frame. I looked at the tablets, but they’re expensive and people’s reviews were not all positive. Seemed like people in the boonies like me were not happy. I looked at the iPhone because they were offering the 4s free, but then I stumbled upon this phone. They were calling it a “phablet”, part phone, part tablet. I was intrigued.

I started researching. I googled and found customer reviews. I looked at Verizon’s customer reviews. The only negative I saw from everyone was the battery life, which just seems to be a smart phone issue anyway. It took me almost a year before I made up my mind and on Black Friday they made me a deal I couldn’t refuse. A $200 phone for $50 and they threw in a bluetooth (necessary to talk on this phone because it’s big) and ear buds.

So what do I like about it you may ask?
-FREE music (yes any song I want I can download and with my FM Modulator in my car I can even play the music through my car speakers)
-FREE Google Navigation
-FREE Words with Friends game (like Scrabble)
-FREE Kindle and Nook Apps (and yes the screen is big enough to read on and I can highlight like I would a regular book and make book marks) And Amazon.com offers so many free books all the time you can read for free. And you can download titles from the libraries free.
-Unlimited talk and text
-Internet access to be able to check my email, facebook and anything else online.
-4G so it’s fast. (Just got 4G yesterday here where I live, but even with 3G and 1X it still worked great.)
-I can make my own ringtones FREE. So no more ringtones that you kind of like, you can pick exactly the part of the song you want to hear.
-FREE coupon apps!
-Front and rear facing camera. Takes great pictures.
-Video recorder
-So many free game apps: Mexican Train Dominoes, Six Dice (like yahtzee), Chess, Gin Rummy, Words With Friends, Word search, Jewels, Solitaire, Backgammon. (There are many more, these are just the ones I’ve tried)
-FREE wallpapers that are amazing.
-FREE Evernote that I can link to my computer and move notes and pictures. (and more, just haven’t figured it all out yet.)
-FREE mobile hot spot so if my netbook dies I can just get a cheap one with wifi and get online through my phone. OR I can buy a blue tooth keyboard and sync it to my phone and use the Polaris office app to type up documents.
-FREE Polaris office app. Word Processor, Power Point Presentations, Spreadsheets, PDF’s.
-There’s an app to sync the phone to my wireless printer so I can print from my phone. (haven’t figured that out yet.)
-I have the local news app and I can subscribe to Hulu or Netflix and watch tv on my phone so I can get rid of cable.
-FREE Holy Bible app. I have any version I could possibly want right at my fingertips and hundreds of devotionals and Bible reading plans. (I can also make notes and save them)
-FREE calendar app so I know where I’m going. (yes, I still keep a paper calendar too, but I may stop that soon.)

I know I’m probably missing some stuff, but you get the idea. This phone ROCKS and the service from verizon is amazing, even here in the boonies. I did have some issues when I first got the phone with getting online, but I called and they fixed it and now I have 4G! Thanks Verizon Wireless for fantastic products. Now they just need to bring the netbooks back. And no Verizon did not pay me for that. I’m just impressed with the phone and their service and wanted to pass along all my hard work and research.

Things I’m thankful for today:

1. My LG Intuition phone.

2. The ice from yesterday is gone.

3. 4G in my area finally!



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2 responses to “LG Intuition

  1. June martin

    I got my LG at walmart and im tryin to navigate a road trip. Havin trouble doin so.

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