I can’t even believe it’s already January 27th. My month-long blogathon is quickly coming to a close and I will be posting a summary of what I’ve learned at the end of the month. Now to decide whether to continue blogging everyday after January 31st comes to a close. I’ve had a few requests to continue blogging after the end of the month and I am reflecting on that possibility and the opportunities that may come along with that.

I read a quote this morning that really connected with me. Natalie Goldberg author of Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within said, “What I tell my students is, for at least two years, what you should do is what I call writing practice. Just do timed writing with nowhere to go. Because during that time you’ll begin to have a relationship with your mind. And your mind is your most potent writing tool. … Writing is about being alive. So see what’s alive and then see what you do with it.” I’ve been doing those writing practices for a little over a year now and I am beginning to find my “voice” as a writer. It’s not completely clear yet, but it’s coming into vision.

Writing and books are my whole world right now and I found a great book yesterday for my Kindle app on for free. “First Aid For Your Menopause Emotions” by Patricia M. Ryan. I’ve only read a little bit but so far I’ve highlighted a great deal of the book! The one thing that really made sense is she mentioned if you have a physical issue or illness and insomnia it’s going to make menopause harder. That explains a lot. Between the fibromyalgia and the menopause I’ve felt like I’m losing my grip on reality. After reading just a couple of pages I’m feeling much better. This is just another challenge to overcome. Each day that passes is one less that I’ll have to fight this fight.

I took my one 12.5 mg Zoloft for the week last night and emotionally I’m feeling much better. I slept better than I have in a week. But…. I’m itchy. I know I won’t be able to continue taking these because the hives will get progressively worse and could cause anaphylaxis (closing of the throat) which is really scary and can be fatal especially when you’re allergic to Benadryl like me. So I’m praying that my doctor and I can come up with some alternative that will be covered by my insurance.

So that’s my rambling thoughts for today. Have a blessed day everyone.

Today I’m thankful for:

1. A good night’s sleep.

2. Finding my “voice” as a writer.

3. A great church to go and worship God at.


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