Long Lost Brother

Today is my brother’s birthday. Fifty-one. I missed his fiftieth. I’ll miss this one too. He stopped speaking to me a couple of years ago because I dated *gasp* a black man. Oh dear, I think I tilted the world off its axis.

Since I hit my forties I’m tired of pleasing difficult people and trying to keep the peace. My brother was only happy with me when I was acting and behaving in a way that made him happy. I realized I’m too old to care what he or anyone else thinks of my choices. I’m the one making them and therefore will be the one to reap the benefits or pay the consequences of those choices.

I sent him a card a few months ago when my mom told me that he had gone to the ER and they thought he had an aneurysm. He told my mom what a beautiful card it was, but told her he didn’t have my number to call. My mom wisely told him that he could drive the twenty minutes to my house and thank me. He told her he didn’t want to come to my house because a big black man might come out and kick his a…. My mom told him he was being ridiculous I live alone. So no Christmas card for me this year. Oh well.

Now you may be saying, so what, we all have family members that treat us badly. Since my mom’s accident last June I’ve reconnected with my mom and sister and our relationship has never been better. We all realized that he had been instigating trouble for many years so everyone would be aggravated with each other. I’m sorry but I just don’t need that in my life.

He’s my brother, I love him and I always will, but I can’t deal with him judging my every move and butting in where he has no business. So for today things must stay the way they are. If you know my brother and see him today, wish him a Happy Birthday.

Today I’m thankful for:

1. Wisdom and discernment to know when not to let certain people close.

2. The free book I got on Amazon this morning about menopause and your emotions.

3. One of my friends is actually reading my blog and likes it.


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