Medication Update

Well unfortunately only two small pills in and the hives started. I even spread them three days apart. I’ve been so itchy the past couple of days I can’t stand it. Sooo…. what to do? I know I really need something to level these hormones out because I’ve not been my normal bubbly self in a very long time. I’m so limited in what I can take because of the sensitivities and the fact that I only have one kidney. (one of the results of the three aneurysms I had)

I was feeling so much better after just one pill. My agitation was gone and I felt more at ease and less anxious, but I can’t dwell on that now. I’m going to try one pill a week and see if maybe that will be enough to take the edge off and hopefully not enough to cause the hives.

I guess it’s time to look into alternatives to present to my doctor on my next visit. This is where it gets difficult. I’m in such a fog most of the time it’s hard to connect two thoughts together. I’m totally surprised I can even write and make any sense.

Today I’m thankful for:

1. A great doctor that works with me.

2. A warm home on what’s going to be a snowy day.

3. The left over turkey that me and Morriss will be eating for days to come.


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