Oil Change Day

I went to church yesterday morning and I wonder if the Pastor has been reading my blog. LOL! He spoke about Ecclesiates 3:1-11 and TIME. I just did a blog not too long ago about time. Or maybe it’s God trying to get my attention about how precious time is and I need to get on about what I’m here to do. My best guess is God is trying to get my attention.

After church I went to my mom’s and had lunch with my mom and sister and then brought her car home and left my car there. Since my mom’s accident last June my relationship with my mom and sister is awesome. We haven’t been this close ever I don’t think. My mom actually wants my mechanic to work on her car because she likes the way my car runs! It’s a little inconvenient because she’s afraid to drive to where I’m at but I’m glad to work it out because I like knowing she’s driving a safe car.

So today is oil change day for her car. Our cars actually look exactly alike except hers is black and mine is blue. Hers is a 2002 mine a 2003. Hers has less miles than mine and runs better than mine. She trusted me to find this car for her and she bought it without even test driving it. I’m amazed at the trust level she has in me now. It’s really been a great turn around from where we were just two years ago when we barely talked and only saw each other once a month or so. Time has a way of changing things if we invest it wisely. Time changed our relationship because we spent alot more together getting to know each other again.

As for my mechanic, Marv Murphy, he’s great. I’ve been blessed in my life to have found good mechanics. Marv is just a really good guy who cares about what he does and takes the time to listen and fix the problem. He’s honest when he doesn’t think a car is worth fixing he’ll tell you. I know when I leave after an oil change that he checked my car over and to the best of our ability it’s safe for the road and should be problem free until the next oil change.

So that’s my ramblings for today. Not exciting, but reality. Invest your time wisely today. Each minute is important and never to be repeated again.

Today I’m thankful for:

1. The relationship I have with my mom and sister.

2. A great church family.

3. God’s messages.


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