Lies Of Omission

Lie –
1. to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive
2. to create a false or misleading impression
3. something that misleads or deceives

1. to lead in a wrong direction or into a mistaken action
or belief often by deliberate deceit
2. to lead astray
3. give wrong impression

1. something neglected or left undone

1. to leave out or leave unmentioned

Lies of Omission. Not exactly a lie in the deceivers mind because they never actually lied in words. They just neglected to tell the pertinent facts. You can always tell when someone is doing this because they never answer your questions or they answer your questions with a statement that isn’t a lie, but isn’t the full truth. Or better yet, they answer your question with a question to throw you off.

For example: A man just got engaged to his pregnant live in girlfriend and he decides just days after his proposal that he wants to send a nice card to a lady friend. (This in itself is not a problem.) He never shows the fiance the card (BIG PROBLEM). It’s a beautiful card but really inappropriate since he just proposed to his fiance just days before. The lady friend knows the circumstances and wonders what this man’s motives are and asks the question, “Did you show your fiance the card before you mailed it?” (The longer it takes to get the answer the more sure you can be that they are concocting deceit of some sort.) The answer comes back, “We both sent cards to our friends and family so it’s no big deal.” (YES IT IS! YOU’RE BEING DECEITFUL BY NOT BEING UPFRONT AND HONEST.)

In this case I believe he knew his fiance would not have allowed him to send the card because it was a little much for “just a friend”. He figured he’d never get caught and after all he wasn’t lying because he never brought it up. NOT TRUE! God has a way of bringing things out that need to be known.

If you’re “in love” why wouldn’t you share that information with your other half unless your motives were wrong. I think we’d all do well today to check our motives when we’re thinking of doing something.

Things I’m thankful for:

1. God’s discernment and light that he shines on situations where we need to keep our eyes open.

2. I may be alone but at least I’m not stuck with a heartless jerk.

3. The great deal God led me to for my antivirus program that’s due for my computer.


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