Hard to believe almost half of January is over. Time to analyze where I’m at. My blogathon is going very well and I am enjoying the daily challenge. My weight loss goal has been derailed the past three days. After the biopsy, pain, bleeding, and stress I started eating from my emotions. A friend offered to buy me a pizza (something I can’t afford to do EVER!) and I ate the whole thing in two days.

I ended any further communication with the man who I used to consider my best friend after receiving WAY TOO MANY desperate text messages from his fiance. (Apparently he’s been omitting to tell her the truth about me as he did me with her.) I’m sure that whole situation also added to my emotional eating because that was only a day or two before the biopsy.

So what I have learned so far this year?
I like who I am when I’m blogging everyday.
I need to get back on track with eating healthy.
And you never truly know anyone, but my intuition (gut instincts) are ALWAYS right. My ex-best friend lied right to my face and I should have listened to my gut and ended it right then and there. I could have saved myself months of pain. From now on I need to trust my intuition and take care of me.

Today I’m thankful for:

1. My new found interest in taking care of me for a change.

2. The two friends who brought me food the past two days.

3. Morriss, my cat, watching over me because he’s worried about me.


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