Looking Up

Every morning I’ve been doing a writing prompt from “A Writer’s Book of Days” by Judy Reeves. Some days they become the subject of my blog and other days I already have enough in my heart and mind to write about. I do have enough in my heart and mind to write about this morning because at three this morning I started bleeding again causing all sorts of thoughts and emotions in me, but I really like what today’s writing prompt pulled out of me so I’m going to share that instead.

Just to explain a bit about writing prompts. The key is to freewrite and not read what you write until you’re finished. You just go with the next thought that comes to mind and keep writing as quickly as possible. It’s amazing the things I write when I’m freewriting like this. So here’s today’s writing prompt and what I wrote:


When she looked up she realized how immense the sky was and how truly small and insignificant she was in the grand scheme of things. Would her problem today really even matter one year from now? Would the immensity of the universe just devour all her feelings and emotions as it had done before?

Time goes by and what seemed earth shattering and life changing was all but forgotten. A bump in the road. A small detour. The immensity of the universe is working with forces unseen to bring about the plans of the Almighty God who sits on His throne.

Why does her one life even matter? What difference could her problems make? Except that she could share her troubles and triumphs with those who care to listen and lighten their load a bit.

When she looked up she realized that somewhere beyond the blue sky and clouds is her permanent home. This is all just temporary. A test of sorts to see if she’s ready for her permanent place of residence. How do you know when you’re passing the test?

Things I’m thankful for today:

1. Avery covering for me in the sound room at church this morning

2. This blog to share my thoughts and feelings. And the people who are reading it.

3. Free game apps on my phone to keep me occupied while I’m off my feet and icing to stop the bleeding once again.


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