The sound of silence can be so loud, piercing the sound barriers with the beating of a lonely heart. Or so quiet when one realizes despite the loneliness another catastrophe was wisely avoided.

The sound of silence after a fight filled with emotional tension and stress. The sound of silence and peace, alone and lonely but without animosity and tension.

The sound of silence when you realize you are strong enough to carry on and make it through. Or when you’re still trying to decide if it worth making it through.

In silence others may think you’re lazy, but really your brain is plotting and planning and desperately searching for an escape.

The sound of silence as you wait for the results of a medical test. Deafening worry filled torture of the unknown.

The sound of silence when the car won’t start and come to life as it’s supposed to.

Silence is not always peace. Silence is a thin veil for personal torture and hell or peaceful contemplation.

Today I’m thankful for:

1. The peaceful silence surrounding me.

2. Endings to things that were causing me too much emotional pain.

3. The sun shining and the possibility of feeling well enough to wash the car.


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