On The Horizon

Watching the sunset on the horizon over the Gulf of Mexico in St. Pete, Florida. The sky turning blues, purples, reds, and pinks as the reflection of the sun on the water slowly diminished and darkness took over.

Then racing to Daytona Beach on the East Coast of Florida to watch the sunrise in the same twenty-four hours. Watching the sun come up over the water and slowly take away the darkness and replace it with the light of a beautiful sunny day.

I remember how blessed and loved I felt that my friends, Bob and Brad, would give me such a beautiful gift. Such a beautiful memory. Waking up in the hotel room enjoying a cup of coffee with my friends watching the sun rise over the horizon. Having lunch on the pier over the Atlantic ocean after such an amazing night and morning. My life felt perfect.

On the horizon, my perfect life was about to be shattered into darkness. The sun would not rise for a very long time. My sun set and the darkness of three aneurysms, a kidney being removed, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and a life of loneliness and pain. That sun set fourteen years ago this March.

I’m hoping the sun will rise again now that I’m writing. I feel better when I’m writing (not physically, but mentally). Maybe I’ll finally be able to find my way out of this maze of living on disability income and stressing over how to pay my bills, buy food, and medicine. Maybe I’ll be able to watch the sun rise on the horizon of my dreams.

Knowing the sun rises every morning gives me hope that some day the sun may rise in my life again.

Today I’m thankful for:

1. My friends, Bob and Brad, for the beautiful memories they gave me every year when I was able to visit them.

2. My writing.

3. Sunrises.



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2 responses to “On The Horizon

  1. B+B

    WOW! I’d forgotten about that trip.. but how wonderful to remember it again! Yes.. to see the sun set so beatifully and rise the same… truely a blessing!! And so glad we shared this time with you! Would love to do that again someday… never before… never since… thank you for your memories!! Love you always our friend!! 🙂

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