I’m not sure where to go with today’s blog. The problem I have as a writer is there are so many things I want to write about and some days it’s like watching millions of butterflies overhead and trying to catch just that ONE in my net. Just that ONE that caught my eye. Just that ONE that will transport me to another place while I’m writing.

Hard to explain that place I go when I’m lost in writing, but it’s a place I love. Well most of the time I love it. Yesterday’s topic about the young man I met in prison was bittersweet. I loved thinking about the joy on his face and the way his eyes danced when I read some of his writings and told him they were really good and that I’d love copies of anything he wanted to share with me. But bitter when I remembered one of the last conversations we had. I told him he couldn’t be in my car or home anymore because of the choices he was making and the things he was doing. I’m sure I would have seen pain in his eyes if we were face to face and not just on the phone. I know there was a deep pain he would have seen in my eyes too. A pain that comes from deep inside a broken and battered heart.

Life is all about choices. Yes, sometimes things come into our lives that we didn’t choose, but we have a choice how we respond to those situations. This past year has brought some very difficult and challenging choices into my life. I’m not sure that I always made the best choices looking back, but they were the choices I needed to make at the time.

Going forward into this new year there are choices I need to make about my life. Some big, some small, all important. Choices about relationships, friendships, and everyday life. For today I’m thinking and praying about those choices.

Today I’m thankful for:

1. A washer and dryer in my home so I don’t have to go to the laundromat like I did for 16 looooooong years.

2. The privilege of prayer.

3. The painful things in life that give me something to write about.


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