On December 19, 2012 I attended a memorial service for my thirty-six year old cousin, Chuck.  Sadly I’d never met him.  Infectious smile, band leader, music teacher, lived in agonizing back pain, loved his students, comedian, too young, loved life, always came out with one liners that would stop you in your tracks and make you laugh –  these were all things I heard about him at the service.

He touched people from every race, age, and background.  His life was short, but full because of his caring heart for others.  The encouraging words to the students who doubted themselves – he gave them a gift of a can do attitude and confidence.   

The question “Why?” was asked by many and after reflecting over the service and the thoughts that were shared there I understand completely why God called him home.  God missed him and wanted him back.  Chuck completed his mission here on earth.  He left a legacy of lives he touched and made a huge impact on this earth.

I was reminded of the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  Each life touches so many others.   

I left the funeral home challenged to live my life better and wishing I had know my cousin.   Now mere days later I’m back in my funk of depression again and wondering why I’m even on this earth?  Who’s life am I making a difference in?  I wonder if Chuck ever wondered the same things?



December 27, 2012 · 5:32 pm

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  1. Marianne

    you should reflect on your own words, “each life touches so many others”…you touch our lives everyday thru facebook, through your writing as well…and even if we don’t get to see one another as often as we should, you make an impact on all our lives and would leave a huge hole if not there…all those years when we hadn’t seen or heard from one another i still thought of you fondly and wondered where life’s path took you and will i ever see of hear from her again? low and behold there’s Facebook reconnecting us almost 20 years later! better late than never i say! you matter to all of us, your family and Morris!

  2. Thank you for your kind words Marianne.

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