I think the isolation that fibromyalgia causes is as bad as the pain.   I don’t want to isolate, but when I’m not feeling well I don’t want to carry that outside and infect other people with my pain either.  Maybe people think I’m a snob or blowing them off, I’m just too tired to explain myself anymore.  Many friendships have ended or become more acquaintances than friendships. 

I’ve been feeling really sorry for myself these days.  I want to meet new people and make new friends but with the gas prices and my health it’s just an overwhelming task that most people take for granted.  The online world has offered more heartache and pain than I care to admit.  So where to go, what to do?

I don’t know the answers. I am glad to be a part of the writer’s group, but that’s only once or twice a month.  I need more socializing than that.  Church things are ok, but most of the women my age are married with children so I don’t really fit there either.

I just feel like I don’t really fit anywhere these days.

Conclusion for Today: Hang on for one more day, things have to change eventually.  I just long to be loved and adored just the way I am and for who I am.



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6 responses to “Isolation

  1. Marianne

    hang in there…all good things come to those wait! i know it’s sounds cliche, but i believe in it! it happens…you have a lot to offer the right man, you guys just need to find each other…online has it’s ups & downs, but the right one will come along and knock your socks off!! and as soon as i can, i’ll be taking a trip over there to you for some more good laughs!!!

  2. Marianne

    found numerous typos in that after i sent it….lol

  3. Its hard to know what to say when someone is in so much pain and sadness. I am in the “hang in there one more day mode” as well right now and it’s an awful place to be. I know what it’s like to isolate yourself because you dont want to spread misery and often you don’t even want to be around yourself. You’ve been a friend to me even though I dont even know you, and it’s really hard for me to think that any of my posts have caused you pain. I want to be a friend to you and support you as you’ve supported me. But first, you must tell me your name!

  4. I always wondered what your screen name meant and it just dawned on me it that it was your name. I’d really like to blame this one on fibrofog, but sometimes I’m just dumb lol

  5. Lauren, you’re posts are not the source of my pain. My life is…. You are such a sweet person and I love reading your posts so much. I feel like I know someone who truly understands what it’s like to be me. 🙂 My name is Linda.

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