The writer’s conference last weekend was an amazing experience.  If I had to pick my favorite part I would say having James Scott Bell make handwritten notes on my synopsis and the first page of my novel.  That was like a kiss from God on my forehead to tell me He loves me.

Let me go back a little bit.  I was so disappointed that I couldn’t afford to attend the extra day and a half workshop that Mr. Bell was teaching.  (He is an amazing teacher of writing.  His books and his in person teaching are equally powerful.)  I was glad that I could attend the conference and participate in his two workshops and keynote speech, but that extra would have been amazing.  

Friday night there was a workshop entitled “Page Cuts”.  You had to sign up in advance and it was limited to the first thirty-six people.  I was one of them. There were three separate rooms with three or four moderators who would critique your novel synopsis and first page.  Mr. Bell was assigned to my room, but he was a little late arriving and so my work and another person’s were already read and critiqued. 

Mr. Bell took mine and the other person’s work to his room that night and personally read them and made notes of areas we needed to work on.  My favorite writing teacher made personal notes on my paper!  That was such a blessing to me.  Not only is Mr. Bell an amazing teacher but he’s a nice guy too. 

Now the reason I haven’t posted to my blog.  The conference was Thursday night, Friday night and all day Saturday.  By the time I came home Saturday evening I felt like I was in a walking coma.  This fibromyalgia is such an annoying disease.  I still haven’t been able to sleep for more than an hour or two since the conference.  When my body gets overly fatigued and tired it turns on me and won’t allow me to rest at all.  So now not only am I exhausted and short tempered but I’ve been unable to concentrate.   I apologize if this post seems choppy. 

Conclusion for Today:  I am grateful that I was able to attend the conference and learn many new writing skills.  I am super grateful that Mr. Bell was so kind and encouraging. 

I know I will never FEEL good like I used to years ago, but it’s ok it helps me to understand others who are going through difficulties.


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