Yesterday was a very productive day and I’m hoping today will be the same.  I finally printed out a double spaced copy of my novel so I can start editing and rewriting.  Hard to believe it’s 170 pages.  I also printed 70 business cards for the conference.  I still need to work on my flash entries (short 100 word pieces) and the page cuts entry (the first page of a longer work and a 100 word synopsis of the entire work).

I also downloaded a free trial of Scrivener, a software program that helps to organize writing.  I was playing with it for a little while last night and it seems really cool.  You can make index cards and post them on a cork board.  The program also outlines your novel for you when you open a new folder for each chapter.  You can make index cards for characters, scenes, chapters and so much more I didn’t even get to explore yet.  That’s my goal for today to post my novel into the program and begin working on getting it into shape. 

Since I won NanoWrimo in November (an insane challenge to write 50,000 words in a month) I can get the Scrivener program half price for $20.  I think I may have to do that for my birthday because it really looks like it will make my editing process much easier. 

Conclusion for Today: I need to take advantage of the moments of energy that I have because the pain and fatigue hit quickly and unexpectedly and stop me in my tracks.  I will get my goals accomplished a little at a time.


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