Closed Doors

I survived another Valentine’s Day.  I planned yesterday to be a day of reading and napping and no real work or errands so I could be gentle with myself. I know how emotional I got last year when I went to the grocery store only to be bombarded by flowers and chocolate covered strawberries and cards for your special someone and it just about made me suicidal.   So this year was much better in that regard.

God has been preparing my heart for some big changes in 2012 and after reading my email last night, it’s been confirmed, things are beginning to change.  I truly believe that God has been slowly removing things from my life so I can focus more intensely on my writing. 

I’ve been involved in prison ministry for many years, but for the last five months it’s been completely inactive and so I really didn’t even notice it being removed.  The email from the man in charge of the Directed Life ministry confirmed 2012 being a year of big changes – that  part of my life is done.  I wasn’t surprised by the information.  I know I can’t do the prison ministry and writing at the same time with my illness.  I needed to pick one or the other and so God made the choice for me.  Prison ministry is physically and emotionally draining and I loved it for the time that I was involved, but that door is now closed and a new one to the world of writing has opened.

Conclusion for Today: In order to succeed I need to narrow my focus.  My focus needs to be on my writing and revising my life right now.


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