Capturing Thoughts

Yesterday morning while I was doing my daily stretches there were words and sentences rolling around in my brain once again.  I had to be at Weight Watchers for 10:00 am so I began fighting with myself as to whether or not to take the time to write the words down.  Thankfully I stopped what I was doing and wrote them down.  When I read them later I was so pleased with the cute little story.  This morning I was even more pleased when I typed it up and found that it was EXACTLY one hundred words.  EXACTLY the word limit for the Flash Contest I want to enter at the conference.  So now I have a poem and a non fiction piece to enter. I can do one more that’s fiction.

I’ve also dug out my manuscript from November and I am going to start working on revising the first couple of pages and see how it goes.  My confidence is soaring after these two one hundred word pieces came so easy.  I feel like I’m right in the middle of God’s perfect plan with this writing conference.

Conclusion for Today:   Whenever I have words and sentences rolling in my brain I need to stop whatever I am doing and WRITE or risk losing them forever.


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