Last night shortly after turning out the light to go to sleep my brain had wonderful ideas flying around inside there.  Turn the light back on, get the notebook by the bed, and start writing.  Finish writing, turn out the light and hopefully go to sleep.  (Sleep is more challenging every night since I hit my forties)

This morning I pulled out my notebook and read what I wrote and I think I have my entry for the Flash Contest that will be held at the conference in March.

The Flash Contest is for a work of one hundred words or less in the categories of poetry, fiction, or nonfiction.  I think I actually wrote a poem last night.  Not at all what I would have thought I would enter in this contest.

I’ve learned when thoughts come into my mind I need to have my notebook handy to capture them otherwise they will be lost forever.   I get upset sometimes because I can’t stop to write when I’m driving or in the shower.  I have lost some really great ideas.  I’ve learned when I’m in bed, even if by some rare chance I’m sleeping, I will turn on the light and capture the thoughts before they elude me.  In the morning when I revisit what I wrote the night before I’m usually pleasantly surprised like I was this morning and it was worth the few moments of lost sleep.

I’m jumping into this conference full force.  I’m trying to learn all I can so I don’t look completely stupid.  I still have to prepare for my appointment with the agent. I need to have a manuscript to pitch to her.  I did write a manuscript in November but I’m not sure if it’s pitch worthy or if it’s even worth trying to make it pitch worthy or if I should just pitch it.  I’m thinking I should work on something totally new to present.  I’m sure the answer will come to me in my sleep or while I’m driving or showering.  I hope I’m able to capture it and work with it.

The other thing I’m diving into at the conference is a workshop titled “Page Cuts”.  I need to have a one hundred word overview of my manuscript.  Challenging but I know I can do it.

Thought for Today:  I have a lot of work to do, but I am capable if I just take it one step at a time.   Challenges make me work harder and improve my character. My goal is to learn enough between now and March that I won’t look like a novice at the conference.


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