I just learned a very hard lesson – Never Post Directly To Blog!!!  I just spent a half hour typing up the most wonderful non-edited entry and lost it all when the page froze and a little box popped up and said, “Do you want to recover Webpage”  and poof all my hard work was gone!!!!!  AGGGGHHHHH!!! FRUSTRATING.  Now that I’ve vented I will try to recapture my original thoughts.  (and now I am in my word processing program and will copy and paste it over to the blog after saving it!  Live and Learn!!!)

I’ve been reading a number of books at the same time these days.  James Scott Bell has caught my attention because he is the keynote speaker at the Writer’s Conference in March.  I wanted to familiarize myself with his work.  I’ve been reading “The Art of War for Writers” and I love it.  He has a way of breaking things down into manageable pieces so they don’t seem so daunting and overwhelming.  I also just started reading “Revision and Self Editing” in hopes of being able to learn how to revise, edit and rewrite my manuscript from November.  Mr. Bell has a way of writing, you feel like you’re talking to him and he’s so encouraging and supportive.  I’d love to be able to do his day and a half pre conference but financially and physically it would deplete me.

I’m also reading some fiction at the same time.  I just discovered Michael Baron and I am loving his books.  I read “The Journey Home” simply because Barnes & Noble offered it on a Free Book Friday for my e-reader.  I loved it so much I went online to see what else he had out there.  He had five other e-books all under $3.00 so I bought them all.  I finished “Anything” in three days and am now in the middle of “When You Went Away”.  He is an awesome writer and I look forward to reading any book by him that I can get my hands on.  There are few authors that touch me that deeply.  Nicholas Sparks of course and Melody Carlson are my favorites.  I’m looking forward to reading Melody Carlson’s new book “River’s Call”.

Conclusion for Today:  To be a better writer I must read.  So I am reading books that teach and books that I enjoy.  I know I must read books that I don’t like too, so I learn what I don’t want to do.  Reading and writing makes me truly happy and so for today I will continue reading and writing.



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2 responses to “Reading

  1. Derrick

    I am so glad you’ve found your calling in life. So many people spend their whole lives and NEVER find their calling. I hope you continue with all your hard work because trust me it WILL pay off. And it also is great therapy and a healthy hobby for you too.

  2. You are so kind and uplifting to me Derrick. Thank you.

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